Surveying Services:

Pre-acquisition Surveys:
We offer structural surveys for private homebuyers and our reports are detailed and professionally prepared by a fully qualified Chartered Building Surveyor with over 15 years experience.
Are always happy to provide a written quotation upfront so please e-mail your details including the location, size, value and approximate age of the property.

For commercial clients we offer Schedules of Condition and Schedules of Dilapidation at the commencement or end of a lease. We regularly advise both Landlords and Tenants as to their obligations and liabilities in a leasehold situation.  

Defect Analysis:
This service is focused on identifying and remedying a specific problem with a building such as roofing problems, dampness, dry rot, subsidence etc. With many years experience in identifying and remedying problems we can also provide schedules of work for repairs, obtain prices from builders and monitor work on site.

Case Study:
We are currently involved with a block of flats in Poole which has suffered from the effects of a burst water main including damage to the floors and an outbreak of dry rot. We have been involved from the initial survey inspection through to specifying and monitoring the work which includes the reinstatement of floors and fitting out of four flats.