Project Management:

Construction projects whether large or small can be complex and all too often lead to a dispute between the client and the contractor - often due to misunderstandings regarding costs, quality and how long the job is expected to take.
Samways Surveying Ltd can offer services to help reduce the risk of disputes. The following is a brief description of the service:-

Specification and drawings - these are detailed documents which can be used by the contractor to give an accurate price.

Contract - using a form of contract widely used within the building industry we are able to stipulate the terms and conditions under which the work is to be carried out. The contract details payment terms, duration of project and general standards of workmanship.

Contract administration and monitoring - once on site the work is monitored at regular intervals and the value of work completed is assessed each month and the contractor is paid accordingly.
In short, this service is designed to bring a construction project under control from the start and prevent costs and time scale from spiralling out of control. We have a range of contractors whom we have worked with previously and can recommend or alternatively we can work with the client's preferred contractor.

In short, we offer a service which 'removes the hassle' from the client's perspective in terms of obtaining builders quotes, worrying about costs and agreeing the final account with the builder - all of which can be a stressfull experience particularly for private individuals.